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late at night cloudy white will creep over my old house
and the chair where I once sat
someone new is there and he'll stare at that wall
and we're all parts of an alphabet
we spell new words in new spots we're at
and the big, round, blue boat drifts around in the dark
when you feel like a jerk does it make you confused
like how could you become as awesome as you are
and still feel like a loser
when you feel ugly and petty
awkward and unsteady
just try not to forget there's so many people who've liked you
and I hope that the art school enjoys your big drawing of ruin
we've all got good things to do and it's good when we do them
from Austin to Brooklyn
they're all smart and good-looking
we're all parts of an alphabet
spell new words with new folks we met
and the big, round, blue boat drifts around in the dark
and the big, round, blue boat drifts around in the dark
and they say that we'll drift for awhile until we die
and the sun hits a spiral
it's a combination lock
and I'm just hoping that I'll get it open
and that these joys and frustrations are just turns in the combination


from It's the Ones Who've Cracked That the Light Shines Through (2003) (​$​8), released June 1, 2003
Jeffrey Lewis, LightningLewis Music ASCAP



all rights reserved


Jeffrey Lewis New York, New York

Native New Yorker Jeffrey Lewis is a comic book writer/artist and a musician.  Jeffrey Lewis and his band tour the world, mixing folk with noise and sharing stages with the likes of Stephen Malkmus, The Mountain Goats, and more. Jeffrey has had albums on Rough Trade since 2001, his comic Fuff has been running since 2004, and he's been featured by NPR, The History Channel, The NY Times and more. ... more


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