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Don't Let The Record Label Take You Out To Lunch

from by Jeffrey Lewis



Don't let the record label take you out to lunch,
you're the one that's got to pay at the end of the day.
And try not to want people to like you too much,
you'll just need more and more flattery to recharge your batteries.
And don't let showmanship become more important than honesty,
if you don't want to be so many singers you see.
You don't have to act crazy to do something amazing,
you can be just like you should and still do something really good.

And even when you know there's nobody listening,
say it to yourself because it's good to your health.
I know nothing makes sense if you think too much,
religion, a pigeon, radios and television.
Though it takes so much strength just not to suck,
and not to be a cynic looking for another gimmick.
But you are distraught at the thought of losing everything again,
and they say it's not the way you play the game but if you win.

But don't let the record label take you out to lunch,
because every sip of soup is going to get recouped.
And you get a good review and then you get a bad review,
but don't get suckered either way 'cause none of them know you.

But don't let the record label take you out to lunch,
because they'll call you a cab and put it on your tab.
I'm leaving town for a while but I'll be in touch,
one thing that I know is true is that I got a lot to do.
And that it takes big heart to make great great art,
and I'm just a little dot in the great big pot.
But now that I have started and it's hard to stop,
I'm wondering at night about the wrong and right.
And is somebody your savior if you owe them back a favor,
no they are not, so there's only one choice that you got.

Don't let the record label take you out to lunch,
though the fishes look delicious someone's got to do the dishes.
People might say you're insane or just looking to complain.
And you need them more than they need you,
so don't bite the hand that feeds you.
Everyone has been fair and nice and you consider them a friend,
but everything still has a price and you don't want to overspend.
Because it's your wallet and your soul when the check comes in the end,
no matter what the situation, art, love, occupation,
I'll hold off on the hors d'oeuvres, it is not what I'm in it for,
I only want what I deserve, I want no less, I want no more.


from It's the Ones Who've Cracked That the Light Shines Through (2003) (​$​8), released June 1, 2003
Jeffrey Lewis, LightningLewis Music ASCAP



all rights reserved


Jeffrey Lewis New York, New York

Native New Yorker Jeffrey Lewis is a comic book writer/artist and a musician.  Jeffrey Lewis and his band tour the world, mixing folk with noise and sharing stages with the likes of Stephen Malkmus, The Mountain Goats, and more. Jeffrey has had albums on Rough Trade since 2001, his comic Fuff has been running since 2004, and he's been featured by NPR, The History Channel, The NY Times and more. ... more


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